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User Experience &
Software Engineering

Making sparks.

We invent, build, and manage new software products and businesses.

Our approach

We believe tiny, experienced teams are extraordinarily effective at moving quickly to get your new venture to market while establishing the technical foundations for a successful business. 

We provide a design-driven approach to product management, business strategy, and software development. 

Our partners are typically start-ups, venture capitalists, or new business iniatives within enterprise organizations.

Working with us

Our rate is $150/hr, but prefer working in monthly blocks of 2-4 sprints.

We discount our rate for upside opportunity—simply put, we believe in contractually aligning our interests with our partners. 

We’re flexible. We will glady embed with your team, compliment your team, or be your team.

If you are interested in discussing new ways of working together, we want to talk.

What we interested in

We work in a variety of areas, but currently have specific interest in AI/ML, modernized healthcare, & blockchain/distributed systems. 

We are

Matt Wolfe   

Matt works at the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship to help businesses develop strategies and iterate quickly to deliver meaningful, successful products.

Justin Smith   

Stable, scalable, and secure architectures is the heart of what Justin creates. He steadfastly establishes best practices, drives documentation, and fosters the growth of exceptional engineering teams.

Kris Morgan   

Kris lives in any area that drives experience—whether it’s intial concepting and exploration, critically refining user flows and functionality, hammering out structural code, or polishing the visuals, he brings products to life and imbues them with personality.