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Digital Network Architecture

Cisco’s new Digital Network Architecture is changing the way IT administrators design, deploy, and manage their networks. We helped Cisco evaluate and distill their feature set into an understandable and practical application in order to help drive behavior change and leverage the power of their new platform.
Using a micro-services-based architecture on Kubernetes allowed us to scale up easily as demand increased. Zero-downtime deployments kept the application running smoothly while the latest-and-greatest features were seamlessly integrated.


Number Porting Administration

With Flowroute, our challenge was to build a tool carefully mapped to the many quirks of the telecom domain and Flowroute’s own workflow. Through interviewing support staff, working with the client’s engineers and designers, and doing research on our own, we built a better model and a streamlined workflow, making a fairly manual process feel automated.
Hooking into Flowroute’s existing Python ecosystem, we developed a REST API that was not only responsive, but highly auditable. Additionally, by using an event-sourced model, we were able to iterate without getting bogged down in infrastructure chores like database migrations. Delivering application builds as Docker images allowed Flowroute to easily deploy our code into their ecosystem.

i1 Biometrics

Impact Dashboard

The i1 Vector mouthguard measures impact velocity for helmeted contact sports. We designed and built an application for real-time, on-the-field reporting and analysis to help coaches monitor important player health metrics.
Starting with Windows Desktop and using .NET as our platform, we prototyped an investor demo to help our client raise money and market the product.

Using a modular back-end, we were easily able to swap out demo data for live data, once the mouthguard was ready. Our demo became the v1 application—all within a 3-month timeframe.

The Acadian Group

Construction & Asset Management

TAG’s app was developed to facilitate the construction and financial management of a multi-billion-dollar real estate project. We helped The Acadian Group build an extensible platform, laying the groundwork for end-to-end management.
To answer the client’s immediate needs, we built a cloud-based ETL pipeline—using a combination of Angular.js and .NET—designed to extract data asynchronously from the existing legacy sources, normalize it into a universal format, and then generate human-readable reports.